Jessica Danz

Performer | Composer

performER | composER

"There is about [her] platform presence, a strength of purpose - some might say it verges on defiance - striding to centre stage and with no fuss and little ceremony, launching into her own composition. She plays as if totally absorbed, wielding her bow like some enchanted spear as measure after measure of the most passionately intense music pours from the violin.  Then, quite unexpectedly, the playing ceases to be an unaccompanied offering as [Danz}, startlingly, begins to sing - a wordless vocalise, which projects arrow-like, to the furthest corners of the venue… It is a most unusual experience that sears itself into the memory."
-OZ Arts Review


"[Danz] makes an immediate impact on the spectator by her driving, intense assault, cutting through the dross and building passionate melodic constructs.  It isn’t all blood and guts: she can produce the gentlest, almost inaudible harmonics and shows a deft hand at projecting calm and transparent lines... she attracted attention for the determination and compulsion shown in her performance style… hurtling into the improvised-sounding central line with awesome ferocity."     
-The Age



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