Jessica Danz

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"... a violin, a piano, the voice of soaring angels and guttural devils... Jessica Danz is a must see."

-Audience member, Vancouver Arts Centre, Western Australia, 2017


"There is about [her] platform presence, a strength of purpose - some might say it verges on defiance - striding to centre stage and with no fuss and little ceremony, launching into her own composition. She plays as if totally absorbed, wielding her bow like some enchanted spear as measure after measure of the most passionately intense music pours from the violin.  Then, quite unexpectedly, the playing ceases to be an unaccompanied offering as [Danz}, startlingly, begins to sing - a wordless vocalise, which projects arrow-like, to the furthest corners of the venue… It is a most unusual experience that sears itself into the memory."

-OZ Arts Review




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