Jessica Danz

Performer | Composer | Artist

As a musician, performer, composer, improviser and visual artist, I'm constantly seeking new ways of weaving together some (or all) of these artistic strands in order to create interdisciplinary works that reflect an integrated approach to art and life.  These projects are ongoing: works in progress that manifest in a variety of forms, including as performances, recordings, exhibitions and installations.

The exploration of landscapes both physical and psychological - of body and mind - is vital to my artistic practice.  I'm fascinated by the way in which outer landscapes are absorbed and assimilated into the inner world of dreams, ideas and stories.  Drawings, paintings, textile works and photographs inspire character, costume and movement. The singing and storytelling voice has become the central point around which I assemble multiple elements, and the act of live performance my way of delving deeper into ideas of transience and ephemerality.

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