Interview with The National

I recently did an interview with Nadine McBay for The National newspaper. Here’s an excerpt from the article - follow the link below to read the full version and find out more about my new album Under the World !

“UNDER THE WORLD, the new album by award-winning musician and composer Jessica Danz, was recorded in a place that once must have seemed the edge of the world – the island of Great Bernera off the west coast of the Isle of Lewis. Set on the Atlantic shoreline, Black Bay Studio is one of the most remote recording studios in Europe.

Recorded when Danz lived on Lewis, Under The World often shares qualities with the ocean – a feeling of tumult, foreboding and an awe-inspiring vastness.

It was the first album to be made at the new studio and, thanks to founder Pete Fletcher’s expert skills, retains some of the character of the room in which it was recorded. Perhaps it’s a trick of the mind, but underneath Danz’s haunted vocals, rich violin and dramatic piano – a 1930s Bechstein grand – you can sense the room’s natural creaks and hums.”

Read the full interview here: How Jessica Danz's music evokes the remote beauty of a Scottish isle

Jessica Danz