I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new album Under the World - 7.30pm on Thursday 14th March at the Glad Cafe, Glasgow!

Written between Scotland and Australia, the album was recorded at Black Bay Studio on Great Bernera, one of Europe's most remote recording studios. Ranging from the quietly intimate Jeannie, through to the sweeping orchestral textures of The Demon Lover, it combines my three central instruments: voice, violin and piano.

In 2015 I began to perform and write songs again after a long creative winter. I've always been drawn to the archetypal story of the descent to the Underworld: a symbolic death and rebirth. As my musical voice began to emerge once more, I felt the resonance of this ancient tale. Navigating grief, loss, metamorphosis and transformation, these songs are stories of how I found my way into - and out of - that hidden place under the world.

Under the World will be available exclusively on Bandcamp as a digital release.

Full event details here:

Jessica Danz