Album release: early 2019


I'd hoped to have the first of my new albums out by the autumn, but it’s a busy couple of months ahead, and I have several other projects that need my time and full focus.  So I've decided to delay the release until early next year.  So much has changed since I released my first solo album - over a decade ago! I’ve recognised that in the past I've pushed myself to a point where I reached almost complete creative burn-out - I was so fixated on achieving things and meeting deadlines that I forgot that I might be able to actually enjoy what I was doing!  So I'm trying to be very mindful about creating a new, healthier approach to work and life. 

I've actually recorded three new albums over the last 12 months, and it's important to me to consider carefully how I put my work out into the world - it needs to feel true to my minimalist aesthetic, and to my beliefs in creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly practice. And I want to enjoy the process! I’m still really excited about sharing some new music with you soon, and I'll keep you posted about launch dates and details when I know them.

Jessica Danz