Music Broth!

Violin & landscape: Hirta, St Kilda

On one of my trips to the UK a few years ago, I found myself without a violin... so I bought a sturdy student model which I fondly nicknamed 'the stunt violin' - it accompanied me on various adventures, including an expedition out to St Kilda.  However, I then found myself with 3 violins (err... and maybe some extra guitars too?) which for a minimalist like me seems a little surplus to requirements!  So last month I donated a couple of instruments - including the stunt violin - to the wonderful organisation Music Broth in Glasgow, who are aiming to establish a catalogue of music instruments and musical equipment within the community that people that can access for any musical venture.  This is an amazing project, and I encourage you to donate any instruments that might be hiding in a cupboard or languishing under a bed!  

You can find Music Broth on Facebook @MusicBrothGlasgow or at

Jessica Danz