New Albums!


I've just spent a busy week up at Black Bay Studio on the island of Great Bernera, working with the fantastic Pete Fletcher.  As well as doing a bit of new recording, we've also made it through the final tweaks and mastering of the solo tracks I recorded last summer.  I listened to the masters yesterday, and have - at last - given them the thumbs up! It feels fairly surreal to have reached this stage at last, and to be honest I'm pretty exhausted.  It's been a challenging process finishing what has now ended up being enough material for two albums. I constantly veer between the harsh opinions of 'perfectionist-me' (who's never really happy with anything) and the other me that seems, fortunately, to be a slightly more balanced person! This last push to the finish line is definitely the hardest and scariest part of the process and involves a lot of letting go - but I'm happy to say that I feel like I've made something I'm proud of.

It won't be long before I'm ready to share some new music with you all, which is both scary and exciting - stay tuned for further news on a release date!


Jessica Danz