Happy New Year everyone! After a busy few months I'm enjoying some quieter moments, and savouring the subtle beauties of the midwinter. It's a good time to reflect on the past year and begin to draw together the threads of this year's creative work. 2017 has been a very productive time - playing solo shows, recording a new album, writing and performing a new film score, and travelling to Australia for a residency and exhibition, among other things! I was also delighted to be mentioned by journalist Jan Patience as one of her 2017 Art Highlights, for my new score for the 1925 Icelandic silent film Ísland í Lifandi Myndum (performed at An Lanntair's Faclan Festival this year).
Thank you all very much for your support during 2017. I have some exciting new projects to announce soon, and look forward to sharing my new album with you in the Spring!

Jessica Danz